Browser issues

Some issues with Wagtail may come from the browser. Try clearing the browser cache and cookies, or you can also try using Wagtail with another browser to see if the problem persists.

JavaScript is required to use Wagtail – make sure it is enabled in your browser.

Supported browsers

For the best experience and security, we recommend that you keep your browser up to date. Go to Browse Happy for more information.


Wagtail is gradually removing support for the legacy Internet Explorer browser over the course of future releases.

  • In Wagtail 2.11 (LTS), there will be a warning message displayed on the Wagtail dashboard for IE11 users with administrator role.
  • In Wagtail 2.12, the message will be displayed to all users regardless of their role.
  • In Wagtail 2.13, the message will be displayed at the top of all pages.
  • Wagtail will no longer support IE11 starting in version 2.14.

If this affects you or your organisation, consider which alternative browsers you may be able to use. Wagtail is fully compatible with Microsoft Edge, Microsoft’s replacement for Internet Explorer. You may consider using its IE mode to keep access to IE11-only sites, while other sites and apps like Wagtail can leverage modern browser capabilities.

We are looking for feedback on this change to our support policy, please get in touch if it affects you and there are no clear alternatives.