Wagtail 0.8.8 release notes

What’s changed

Bug fixes

  • Form builder no longer raises a TypeError when submitting unchecked boolean field
  • Image upload form no longer breaks when using i10n thousand separators
  • Multiple image uploader now escapes HTML in filenames
  • Retrieving an individual item from a sliced BaseSearchResults object now properly takes the slice offset into account
  • Removed dependency on unicodecsv which fixes a crash on Python 3
  • Submitting unicode text in form builder form no longer crashes with UnicodeEncodeError on Python 2
  • Creating a proxy model from a Page class no longer crashes in the system check
  • Unrecognised embed URLs passed to the |embed filter no longer cause the whole page to crash with an EmbedNotFoundException
  • Underscores no longer get stripped from page slugs