Wagtail 1.6.1 release notes

August 26, 2016

What’s new

Minor features

  • Added WAGTAIL_ALLOW_UNICODE_SLUGS setting to make Unicode support optional in page slugs (Matt Westcott)

Bug fixes

  • Wagtail’s middleware classes are now compatible with Django 1.10’s new-style middleware (Karl Hobley)

  • The can_create_at() method is now checked in the create page view (Mikalai Radchuk)

  • Fixed regression on Django 1.10.1 causing Page subclasses to fail to use PageManager (Matt Westcott)

  • ChoiceBlocks with lazy translations as option labels no longer break Elasticsearch indexing (Matt Westcott)

  • The page editor no longer fails to load JavaScript files with ManifestStaticFilesStorage (Matt Westcott)

  • Django 1.10 enables client-side validation for all forms by default, but it fails to handle all the nuances of how forms are used in Wagtail. The client-side validation has been disabled for the Wagtail UI (Matt Westcott)

Upgrade considerations

Multi-level inheritance and custom managers

The inheritance rules for Custom Page managers have been updated to match Django’s standard behaviour. In the vast majority of scenarios there will be no change. However, in the specific case where a page model with a custom objects manager is subclassed further, the subclass will be assigned a plain Manager instead of a PageManager, and will now need to explicitly override this with a PageManager to function correctly:

class EventPage(Page):
    objects = EventManager()

class SpecialEventPage(EventPage):
    # Previously SpecialEventPage.objects would be set to a PageManager automatically;
    # this now needs to be set explicitly
    objects = PageManager()