Wagtail 2.1 release notes

May 22, 2018

What’s new

New HelpPanel

A new panel type HelpPanel allows to easily add HTML within an edit form. This new feature was developed by Kevin Chung.

Profile picture upload

Users can now upload profile pictures directly through the Account Settings menu, rather than using Gravatar. Gravatar is still used as a fallback if no profile picture has been uploaded directly; a new setting WAGTAIL_GRAVATAR_PROVIDER_URL has been added to specify an alternative provider, or disable the use of external avatars completely. This feature was developed by Daniel Chimeno, Pierre Geier and Matt Westcott.

API lookup by page path

The API now includes an endpoint for finding pages by path; see Finding pages by HTML path. This feature was developed by Karl Hobley.

User time zone setting

Users can now set their current time zone through the Account Settings menu, which will then be reflected in date / time fields throughout the admin (such as go-live / expiry dates). The list of available time zones can be configured via the WAGTAIL_USER_TIME_ZONES setting. This feature was developed by David Moore.

Elasticsearch 6 support

Wagtail now supports Elasticsearch 6. See Elasticsearch Backend for configuration details. This feature was developed by Karl Hobley.

Other features

  • Persist tab hash in URL to allow direct navigation to tabs in the admin interface (Ben Weatherman)

  • Animate the chevron icon when opening sub-menus in the admin (Carlo Ascani)

  • Look through the target link and target page slug (in addition to the old slug) when searching for redirects in the admin (Michael Harrison)

  • Remove support for IE6 to IE9 from project template (Samir Shah)

  • Remove outdated X-UA-Compatible meta from admin template (Thibaud Colas)

  • Add JavaScript source maps in production build for packaged Wagtail (Thibaud Colas)

  • Removed assert statements from Wagtail API (Kim Chee Leong)

  • Update jquery-datetimepicker dependency to make Wagtail more CSP-friendly (unsafe-eval) (Pomax)

  • Added error notification when running the wagtail command on Python <3.4 (Matt Westcott)

  • update_index management command now accepts a --chunk_size option to determine the number of items to load at once (Dave Bell)

  • Added hook register_account_menu_item to add new account preference items (Michael van Tellingen)

  • Added change email functionality from the account settings (Alejandro Garza, Alexs Mathilda)

  • Add request parameter to edit handlers (Rajeev J Sebastian)

  • ImageChooser now sets a default title based on filename (Coen van der Kamp)

  • Added error handling to the Draftail editor (Thibaud Colas)

  • Add new wagtail_icon template tag to facilitate making admin icons accessible (Sander Tuit)

  • Set ALLOWED_HOSTS in the project template to allow any host in development (Tom Dyson)

  • Expose reusable client-side code to build Draftail extensions (Thibaud Colas)

  • Added WAGTAILFRONTENDCACHE_LANGUAGES setting to specify the languages whose URLs are to be purged when using i18n_patterns (PyMan Claudio Marinozzi)

  • Added extra_footer_actions template blocks for customising the add/edit page views (Arthur Holzner)

Bug fixes

  • Status button on ‘edit page’ now links to the correct URL when live and draft slug differ (LB (Ben Johnston))

  • Image title text in the gallery and in the chooser now wraps for long filenames (LB (Ben Johnston), Luiz Boaretto)

  • Move image editor action buttons to the bottom of the form on mobile (Julian Gallo)

  • StreamField icons are now correctly sorted into groups on the ‘append’ menu (Tim Heap)

  • Draftail now supports features specified via the WAGTAILADMIN_RICH_TEXT_EDITORS setting (Todd Dembrey)

  • Password reset form no longer indicates whether the email is recognised, as per standard Django behaviour (Bertrand Bordage)

  • UserAttributeSimilarityValidator is now correctly enforced on user creation / editing forms (Tim Heap)

  • Focal area removal not working in IE11 and MS Edge (Thibaud Colas)

  • Rewrite password change feedback message to be more user-friendly (Casper Timmers)

  • Correct dropdown arrow styling in Firefox, IE11 (Janneke Janssen, Alexs Mathilda)

  • Password reset no indicates specific validation errors on certain password restrictions (Lucas Moeskops)

  • Confirmation page on page deletion now respects custom get_admin_display_title methods (Kim Chee Leong)

  • Adding external link with selected text now includes text in link chooser (Tony Yates, Thibaud Colas, Alexs Mathilda)

  • Editing setting object with no site configured no longer crashes (Harm Zeinstra)

  • Creating a new object with inlines while mandatory fields are empty no longer crashes (Bertrand Bordage)

  • Localization of image and apps verbose names

  • Draftail editor no longer crashes after deleting image/embed using DEL key (Thibaud Colas)

  • Breadcrumb navigation now respects custom get_admin_display_title methods (Arthur Holzner, Wietze Helmantel, Matt Westcott)

  • Inconsistent order of heading features when adding h1, h5 or h6 as default feature for Hallo RichText editor (Loic Teixeira)

  • Add invalid password reset link error message (Coen van der Kamp)

  • Bypass select/prefetch related optimisation on update_index for ParentalManyToManyField to fix crash (Tim Kamanin)

  • ‘Add user’ is now rendered as a button due to the use of quotes within translations (Benoît Vogel)

  • Menu icon no longer overlaps with title in Modeladmin on mobile (Coen van der Kamp)

  • Background colour overflow within the Wagtail documentation (Sergey Fedoseev)

  • Page count on homepage summary panel now takes account of user permissions (Andy Chosak)

  • Explorer view now prevents navigating outside of the common ancestor of the user’s permissions (Andy Chosak)

  • Generate URL for the current site when multiple sites share the same root page (Codie Roelf)

  • Restored ability to use non-model fields with FieldPanel (Matt Westcott, LB (Ben Johnston))

  • Stop revision comparison view from crashing when non-model FieldPanels are in use (LB (Ben Johnston))

  • Ordering in the page explorer now respects custom get_admin_display_title methods when sorting <100 pages (Matt Westcott)

  • Use index-specific Elasticsearch endpoints for bulk insertion, for compatibility with providers that lock down the root endpoint (Karl Hobley)

  • Fix usage URL on the document edit page (Jérôme Lebleu)

Upgrade considerations

Image format image_to_html method has been updated

The internal API for rich text image format objects (see Image Formats in the Rich Text Editor) has been updated; the Format.image_to_html method now receives the extra_attributes keyword argument as a dictionary of attributes, rather than a string. If you have defined any custom format objects that override this method, these will need to be updated.