Wagtail 4.1.1 release notes

November 11, 2022

What’s new

Bug fixes

  • Fix issue where lock/unlock buttons would not work on the Dashboard (home) page or the page index listing via the status sidebar (Stefan Hammer)

  • Fix disabled style on StreamField add button (Matt Westcott)

  • Ensure models are fully loaded before registering snippets, to avoid circular import issues (Matt Westcott)

  • Prevent fields without a verbose_name property from breaking usage report views (Matt Westcott)

  • Exclude tags from the reference index (Matt Westcott)

  • Fix errors in handling generic foreign keys when populating the reference index (Matt Westcott)

  • Prevent error in handling null ParentalKeys when populating the reference index (Matt Westcott)

  • Make sure minimap error indicators follow the minimap scrolling (Thibaud Colas)

  • Ensure background HTTP request to clear stale preview data correctly respects the CSRF_HEADER_NAME setting (Sage Abdullah)

  • Prevent error on aging pages report when “Last published by” user has been deleted (Joshua Munn)