Sustainability considerations

Here are guidelines and resources we recommend for projects with sustainability goals relating to climate action, such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 13: Climate action, and SBTi’s Corporate Net-Zero Standard.


To account for the emissions of websites and track their reduction, we recommend the following:

Those are the same standards used to assess the sustainability of Wagtail.


Here are the guidelines we would recommend applying to Wagtail websites:

The Sustainable Web Design W3C Community Group is also working on Web Environmental Sustainability Guidelines, which will be highly relevant once published.

Quantifying emissions

To quantify the emissions of a Wagtail website, we recommend three different approaches:

We are working on those considerations as part of Wagtail’s development process. An example of this is the two Google Summer of Code internships focusing on sustainability, in partnership with the Green Web Foundation and Green Coding Berlin.