Wagtail 0.6 release notes

September 11, 2014

What’s new

Project template and start project command

Wagtail now has a basic project template built in to make starting new projects much easier.

To use it, install wagtail onto your machine and run wagtail start project_name.

Django 1.7 support

Wagtail can now be used with Django 1.7.

Minor features

  • A new template tag has been added for reversing URLs inside routable pages. See The routablepageurl template tag.

  • RoutablePage can now be used as a mixin. See wagtail.contrib.wagtailroutablepage.models.RoutablePageMixin.

  • MenuItems can now have bundled JavaScript

  • Added the register_admin_menu_item hook for registering menu items at startup. See Hooks

  • Added a version indicator into the admin interface (hover over the wagtail to see it)

  • Added Russian translation

Bug fixes

  • Page URL generation now returns correct URLs for sites that have the main ‘serve’ view rooted somewhere other than ‘/’.

  • Search results in the page chooser now respect the page_type parameter on PageChooserPanel.

  • Rendition filenames are now prevented from going over 60 chars, even with a large focal_point_key.

  • Child relations that are defined on a model’s superclass (such as the base Page model) are now picked up correctly by the page editing form, page copy operations and the replace_text management command.

  • Tags on images and documents are now committed to the search index immediately on saving.

Upgrade considerations

All features deprecated in 0.4 have been removed

See: Deprecated features

Search signal handlers have been moved

If you have an import in your urls.py file like from wagtail.wagtailsearch import register_signal_handlers, this must now be changed to from wagtail.wagtailsearch.signal_handlers import register_signal_handlers

Deprecated features

  • The wagtail.wagtailsearch.indexed module has been renamed to wagtail.wagtailsearch.index