Wagtail 0.8.5 release notes

February 17, 2015

What’s new

Bug fixes

  • On adding a new page, the available page types are ordered by the displayed verbose name

  • Active admin submenus were not properly closed when activating another

  • get_sitemap_urls is now called on the specific page class so it can now be overridden

  • (Firefox and IE) Fixed preview window hanging and not refocusing when “Preview” button is clicked again

  • Storage backends that return raw ContentFile objects are now handled correctly when resizing images

  • Punctuation characters are no longer stripped when performing search queries

  • When adding tags where there were none before, it is now possible to save a single tag with multiple words in it

  • richtext template tag no longer raises TypeError if None is passed into it

  • Serving documents now uses a streaming HTTP response and will no longer break Django’s cache middleware

  • User admin area no longer fails in the presence of negative user IDs (as used by django-guardian’s default settings)

  • Password reset emails now use the BASE_URL setting for the reset URL

  • BASE_URL is now included in the project template’s default settings file