Wagtail 5.2.2 release notes

December 6, 2023

What’s new

Django 5.0 support

This release adds support for Django 5.0.

Bug fixes

  • Use a visible border and background color to highlight active formatting in the rich text toolbar (Cassidy Pittman)

  • Ensure image focal point box can be removed (Gunnar Scherf)

  • Ensure that Snippets search results correctly use the index_results.html or index_results_template_name override on initial load (Stefan Hammer)

  • Avoid error when attempting to moderate a page drafted by a now deleted user (Dan Braghis)

  • Ensure workflow dashboard panels work when the page/snippet is missing (Sage Abdullah)

  • Prevent custom controls from stacking on top of the comment button in Draftail toolbar (Ben Morse)