Wagtail 2.0.1 release notes

April 4, 2018

What’s new

  • Added error notification when running the wagtail command on Python <3.4 (Matt Westcott)

  • Added error handling to the Draftail editor (Thibaud Colas)

Bug fixes

  • Draftail now supports features specified via the WAGTAILADMIN_RICH_TEXT_EDITORS setting (Todd Dembrey)

  • Password reset form no longer indicates whether the email is recognized, as per standard Django behavior (Bertrand Bordage)

  • UserAttributeSimilarityValidator is now correctly enforced on user creation / editing forms (Tim Heap)

  • Editing setting object with no site configured no longer crashes (Harm Zeinstra)

  • Creating a new object with inlines while mandatory fields are empty no longer crashes (Bertrand Bordage)