Documents such as PDFs can be managed from the Documents interface, available in the left-hand menu. This interface allows you to add documents to and remove documents from the CMS.

Documents listing, with Search field in header, Add document button, and a Collections dropdown. Underneath, are 4 rows of documents with a header row above

  • Add documents by clicking the Add document button in the top-right.

  • Search for documents in the CMS by entering your search term in the search bar. The results will be automatically updated as you type.

  • You can also filter the results by Collection by selecting one from the collections dropdown above the documents list.

Documents listing, with four items, two of which are selected with their left-hand checkbox. Underneath, an action menu shows different actions and the text "2 documents selected"

  • Select multiple documents by checking the checkbox on the left of each row, then use the bulk actions bar at the bottom to perform an action on all selected documents.

  • Edit the details of a document by clicking the document title.

Document editing form for a "TPS Report Full Guidelines" Document. To the right we see the file size of 13.0 KB, and a "Usage Used 0 times" label

  • When editing a document you can replace the file associated with that document record. This means you can update documents without having to update the pages on which they are placed. Changing the file will change it on all pages that use the document.

  • Change the document’s collection using the collection dropdown.

  • Add or remove tags using the Tags field.

  • Save or delete documents using the buttons at the bottom of the interface.


Deleted documents cannot be recovered.