Focal points

Focal points are used to indicate to Wagtail the area of an image that contains the subject. This is used by the fill filter to focus the cropping on the subject, and avoid cropping into it.

Focal points can be defined manually by a Wagtail user, or automatically by using face or feature detection.

Setting the background-position inline style based on the focal point

When using a Wagtail image as the background of an element, you can use the .background_position_style attribute on the rendition to position the rendition based on the focal point in the image:

{% image page.image width-1024 as image %}

<div style="background-image: url('{{ image.url }}'); {{ image.background_position_style }}">

Accessing the focal point in templates

New in version 2.14.

You can access the focal point in the template by accessing the .focal_point attribute of a rendition:

{% load wagtailimages %}

{% image myimage width-800 as myrendition %}

    src="{{ myrendition.url }}"
    alt="{{ myimage.title }}"
    {% if myrendition.focal_point %}
        data-focus-x="{{ myrendition.focal_point.centroid.x }}"
        data-focus-y="{{ myrendition.focal_point.centroid.y }}"
        data-focus-width="{{ myrendition.focal_point.width }}"
        data-focus-height="{{ myrendition.focal_point.height }}"
    {% endif %}