Wagtail 2.13.5 release notes

What’s new

Bug fixes

  • Allow relation name used for admin commenting to be overridden to avoid conflicts with third-party commenting apps (Matt Westcott)
  • Corrected badly-formed format strings in translations (Matt Westcott)
  • Correctly handle non-numeric user IDs for deleted users in reports (Dan Braghis)

Upgrade considerations

Customising relation name for admin comments

The admin commenting feature introduced in Wagtail 2.13 added a relation named comments to the Page and User models. This can cause conflicts with third-party apps that implement commenting functionality, and so this will be renamed to wagtail_admin_comments in Wagtail 2.15. Developers who are affected by this issue, and have thus been unable to upgrade to Wagtail 2.13 or above, can now “opt in” to the Wagtail 2.15 behaviour by adding the following line to their project settings:

WAGTAIL_COMMENTS_RELATION_NAME = 'wagtail_admin_comments'

This will allow third-party commenting apps to work in Wagtail 2.13.5 alongside Wagtail’s admin commenting functionality.

Reusable library code that needs to preserve backwards compatibility with previous Wagtail versions can find out the relation name as follows:

    from wagtail.core.models import COMMENTS_RELATION_NAME
except ImportError: