Wagtail 1.7 release notes

What’s new

Elasticsearch 2 support

Wagtail now supports Elasticsearch 2. Note that you need to change backend in WAGTAILSEARCH_BACKENDS, if you wish to switch to Elasticsearch 2. This feature was developed by Karl Hobley.

See: Elasticsearch Backend

New image tag options for file type and JPEG compression level

The {% image %} tag now supports extra parameters for specifying the image file type and JPEG compression level on a per-tag basis. See Output image format and Image quality. This feature was developed by Karl Hobley.

AWS CloudFront support added to cache invalidation module

Wagtail’s cache invalidation module can now invalidate pages cached in AWS CloudFront when they are updated or unpublished. This feature was developed by Rob Moorman.

See: Amazon CloudFront

Unpublishing subpages

Unpublishing a page now gives the option to unpublish its subpages at the same time. This feature was developed by Jordi Joan.

Minor features

  • The |embed filter has been converted into a templatetag {% embed %} (Janneke Janssen)
  • The wagtailforms module now provides a FormSubmissionPanel for displaying details of form submissions; see Displaying form submission information for documentation. (João Luiz Lorencetti)
  • The Wagtail version number can now be obtained as a tuple using from wagtail import VERSION (Tim Heap)
  • send_mail logic has been moved from AbstractEmailForm.process_form_submission into AbstractEmailForm.send_mail. Now it’s easier to override this logic (Tim Leguijt)
  • Added before_create_page, before_edit_page, before_delete_page hooks (Karl Hobley)
  • Updated font sizes and colours to improve legibility of admin menu and buttons (Stein Strindhaug)
  • Added pagination to “choose destination” view when moving pages (Nick Smith, Žan Anderle)
  • Added ability to annotate search results with score - see Annotating results with score (Karl Hobley)
  • Added ability to limit access to form submissions - see filter_form_submissions_for_user (Mikalai Radchuk)
  • Added the ability to configure the number of days search logs are kept for, through the WAGTAILSEARCH_HITS_MAX_AGE setting (Stephen Rice)
  • SnippetChooserBlock now supports passing the model name as a string (Nick Smith)
  • Redesigned account settings / logout area in the sidebar for better clarity (Janneke Janssen)
  • Pillow’s image optimisation is now applied when saving JPEG images (Karl Hobley)

Bug fixes

  • Migrations for wagtailcore and project template are now reversible (Benjamin Bach)
  • Migrations no longer depend on wagtailcore and taggit’s __latest__ migration, logically preventing those apps from receiving new migrations (Matt Westcott)
  • The default image format label text (‘Full width’, ‘Left-aligned’, ‘Right-aligned’) is now localised (Mikalai Radchuk)
  • Text on the front-end ‘password required’ form is now marked for translation (Janneke Janssen)
  • Text on the page view restriction form is now marked for translation (Luiz Boaretto)
  • Fixed toggle behaviour of userbar on mobile (Robert Rollins)
  • Image rendition / document file deletion now happens on a post_delete signal, so that files are not lost if the deletion does not proceed (Janneke Janssen)
  • “Your recent edits” list on dashboard no longer leaves out pages that another user has subsequently edited (Michael Cordover, Kees Hink, João Luiz Lorencetti)
  • InlinePanel now accepts a classname parameter as per the documentation (emg36, Matt Westcott)
  • Disabled use of escape key to revert content of rich text fields, which could cause accidental data loss (Matt Westcott)
  • Setting USE_THOUSAND_SEPARATOR = True no longer breaks the rendering of numbers in JS code for InlinePanel (Mattias Loverot, Matt Westcott)
  • Images / documents pagination now preserves GET parameters (Bojan Mihelac)
  • Wagtail’s UserProfile model now sets a related_name of wagtail_userprofile to avoid naming collisions with other user profile models (Matt Westcott)
  • Non-text content is now preserved when adding or editing a link within rich text (Matt Westcott)
  • Fixed preview when SECURE_SSL_REDIRECT = True (Aymeric Augustin)
  • Prevent hang when truncating an image filename without an extension (Ricky Robinett)

Upgrade considerations

Project template’s initial migration should not depend on wagtailcore.__latest__

On projects created under previous releases of Wagtail, the home/migrations/0001_initial.py migration created by the wagtail start command contains the following dependency line:

dependencies = [
    ('wagtailcore', '__latest__'),

This may produce InconsistentMigrationHistory errors under Django 1.10 when upgrading Wagtail, since Django interprets this to mean that no new migrations can legally be added to wagtailcore after this migration is applied. This line should be changed to:

dependencies = [
    ('wagtailcore', '0029_unicode_slugfield_dj19'),

Custom image models require a data migration for the new filter_spec field

The data model for image renditions will be changed in Wagtail 1.8 to eliminate Filter as a model. Wagtail sites using a custom image model (see Custom image models) need to have a schema and data migration in place prior to upgrading to Wagtail 1.8. To create these migrations:

  • Run manage.py makemigrations to create the schema migration

  • Run manage.py makemigrations --empty myapp (replacing myapp with the name of the app containing the custom image model) to create an empty migration

  • Edit the created migration to contain:

    from wagtail.wagtailimages.utils import get_fill_filter_spec_migrations

    and, for the operations list:

    forward, reverse = get_fill_filter_spec_migrations('myapp', 'CustomRendition')
    operations = [
        migrations.RunPython(forward, reverse),

    replacing myapp and CustomRendition with the app and model name for the custom rendition model.

embed template filter is now a template tag

The embed template filter, used to translate the URL of a media resource (such as a YouTube video) into a corresponding embeddable HTML fragment, has now been converted to a template tag. Any template code such as:

{% load wagtailembeds_tags %}
{{ my_media_url|embed }}

should now be rewritten as:

{% load wagtailembeds_tags %}
{% embed my_media_url %}