Contrib modules

Wagtail ships with a variety of extra optional modules.

Site settings

Site-wide settings that are editable by administrators in the Wagtail admin.

Form builder

Allows forms to be created by admins and provides an interface for browsing form submissions.

Sitemap generator

Provides a view that generates a Google XML sitemap of your public Wagtail content.

Frontend cache invalidator

A module for automatically purging pages from a cache (Varnish, Squid, Cloudflare or Cloudfront) when their content is changed.


Provides a way of embedding Django URLconfs into pages.


A module allowing for more customisable representation and management of custom models in Wagtail’s admin area.

Promoted search results

A module for managing “Promoted Search Results”

Simple translation

A module for copying translatables (pages and snippets) to another language.


Provides a TableBlock for adding HTML tables to pages.

Typed table block

Provides a StreamField block for authoring tables, where cells can be any block type including rich text.


Provides a way to manage redirects.

Legacy richtext

Provides the legacy richtext wrapper (<div class="rich-text"></div>).