Wagtail 0.4 release notes

July 10, 2014

What’s new

Private Pages

Wagtail now supports password protecting pages on the frontend, allowing sections of your website to be made private.

Private pages

Python 3 support

Wagtail now supports Python 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4.

Scheduled publishing

Editors can now schedule pages to be published or unpublished at specified times.

A new management command has been added (publish_scheduled_pages) to publish pages that have been scheduled by an editor.

Search on QuerySet with Elasticsearch

It’s now possible to perform searches with Elasticsearch on PageQuerySet objects:

>>> from wagtail.core.models import Page
>>> Page.objects.live().descendant_of(events_index).search("Hello")
[<Page: Event 1>, <Page: Event 2>]

Sitemap generation

A new module has been added (wagtail.contrib.wagtailsitemaps) which produces XML sitemaps for Wagtail sites.

Sitemap generator

Front-end cache invalidation

A new module has been added (wagtail.contrib.wagtailfrontendcache) which invalidates pages in a frontend cache when they are updated or deleted in Wagtail.

Frontend cache invalidator

Notification preferences

Users can now decide which notifications they receive from Wagtail using a new “Notification preferences” section located in the account settings.

Minor features


  • Any extra arguments given to Page.serve are now passed through to get_context and get_template

  • Added in_menu and not_in_menu methods to PageQuerySet

  • Added search method to PageQuerySet

  • Added get_next_siblings and get_prev_siblings to Page

  • Added page_published signal

  • Added copy method to Page to allow copying of pages

  • Added construct_whitelister_element_rules hook for customizing the HTML whitelist used when saving RichText fields

  • Support for setting a subpage_types property on Page models, to define which page types are allowed as subpages


  • Removed the “More” section from the menu

  • Added pagination to page listings

  • Added a new datetime picker widget

  • Updated hallo.js to version 1.0.4

  • Aesthetic improvements to preview experience

  • Login screen redirects to dashboard if user is already logged in

  • Snippets are now ordered alphabetically

  • Added init_new_page signal


  • Added original as a resizing rule supported by the {% image %} tag

  • image tag now accepts extra keyword arguments to be output as attributes on the img tag

  • Added an attrs property to image rendition objects to output src, width, height and alt attributes all in one go


  • Added styleguide, for Wagtail developers

Bug fixes

  • Animated GIFs are now coalesced before resizing

  • The Wand backend clones images before modifying them

  • The admin breadcrumb is now positioned correctly on mobile

  • The page chooser breadcrumb now updates the chooser modal instead of linking to Explorer

  • Embeds - fixed crash when no HTML field is sent back from the embed provider

  • Multiple sites with same hostname but different ports are now allowed

  • It is no longer possible to create multiple sites with is_default_site = True

Backwards-incompatible changes

ElasticUtils replaced with elasticsearch-py

If you are using the Elasticsearch backend, you must install the elasticsearch module into your environment.


If you are using an older version of Elasticsearch (< 1.0) you must install elasticsearch version 0.4.x.

Addition of expired column may break old data migrations involving pages

The scheduled publishing mechanism adds an expired field to wagtailcore.Page, defaulting to False. Any application code working with Page objects should be unaffected, but any code that creates page records using direct SQL, or within existing South migrations using South’s frozen ORM, will fail as this code will be unaware of the expired database column. To fix a South migration that fails in this way, add the following line to the 'wagtailcore.page' entry at the bottom of the migration file:

'expired': ('django.db.models.fields.BooleanField', [], {'default': 'False'}),

Deprecated features

Template tag libraries renamed

The following template tag libraries have been renamed:

  • pageurl => wagtailcore_tags

  • rich_text => wagtailcore_tags

  • embed_filters => wagtailembeds_tags

  • image_tags => wagtailimages_tags

The old names will continue to work, but output a DeprecationWarning - you are advised to update any {% load %} tags in your templates to refer to the new names.

New search field configuration format

indexed_fields is now deprecated and has been replaced by a new search field configuration format called search_fields. See Indexing for how to define a search_fields property on your models.

Page.route method should now return a RouteResult

Previously, the route method called serve and returned an HttpResponse object. This has now been split up so serve is called separately and route must now return a RouteResult object.

If you are overriding Page.route on any of your page models, you will need to update the method to return a RouteResult object. The old method of returning an HttpResponse will continue to work, but this will throw a DeprecationWarning and bypass the before_serve_page hook, which means in particular that Private pages will not work on those page types. See Adding Endpoints with Custom route() Methods.

Wagtailadmins hooks module has moved to wagtailcore

If you use any wagtail_hooks.py files in your project, you may have an import like: from wagtail.wagtailadmin import hooks

Change this to: from wagtail.core import hooks


  • Page.show_as_mode replaced with Page.serve_preview

  • Page.get_page_modes method replaced with Page.preview_modes property

  • Page.get_other_siblings replaced with Page.get_siblings(inclusive=False)