Wagtail 2.2 release notes

August 10, 2018

What’s new

Other features

  • Added another valid AudioBoom oEmbed pattern (Bertrand Bordage)

  • Added annotate_score support to PostgreSQL search backend (Bertrand Bordage)

  • Pillow’s image optimization is now applied when saving PNG images (Dmitry Vasilev)

  • JS / CSS media files can now be associated with Draftail feature definitions (Matt Westcott)

  • The {% slugurl %} template tag is now site-aware (Samir Shah)

  • Added file_size field to documents (Karl Hobley)

  • Added file_hash field to images (Karl Hobley)

  • Update documentation (configuring Django for Wagtail) to contain all current settings options (Matt Westcott, LB (Ben Johnston))

  • Added defer flag to PageQuerySet.specific (Karl Hobley)

  • Snippets can now be deleted from the listing view (LB (Ben Johnston))

  • Increased max length of redirect URL field to 255 (Michael Harrison)

  • Added documentation for new JS/CSS media files association with Draftail feature definitions (Ed Henderson)

  • Added accessible color contrast guidelines to the style guide (Catherine Farman)

  • Admin modal views no longer rely on JavaScript eval(), for better CSP compliance (Matt Westcott)

  • Update editor guide for embeds and documents in rich text (Kevin Howbrook)

  • Improved performance of sitemap generation (Michael van Tellingen, Bertrand Bordage)

  • Added an internal API for autocomplete (Karl Hobley)

Bug fixes

  • Handle all exceptions from Image.get_file_size (Andrew Plummer)

  • Fix display of breadcrumbs in ModelAdmin (LB (Ben Johnston))

  • Remove duplicate border radius of avatars (Benjamin Thurm)

  • Site.get_site_root_paths() preferring other sites over the default when some sites share the same root_page (Andy Babic)

  • Pages with missing model definitions no longer crash the API (Abdulmalik Abdulwahab)

  • Rich text image chooser no longer skips format selection after a validation error (Matt Westcott)

  • Null characters in URLs no longer crash the redirect middleware on PostgreSQL (Andrew Crewdson, Matt Westcott)

  • Permission checks no longer prevent a non-live page from being unscheduled (Abdulmalik Abdulwahab)

  • Copy-paste between Draftail editors now preserves all formatting/content (Thibaud Colas)

  • Fix alignment of checkboxes and radio buttons on Firefox (Matt Westcott)

Upgrade considerations

JavaScript templates in modal workflows are deprecated

The wagtail.admin.modal_workflow module (used internally by Wagtail to handle modal popup interfaces such as the page chooser) has been updated to avoid returning JavaScript code as part of HTTP responses. User code that relies on this functionality can be updated as follows:

  • Eliminate template tags from the .js template. Any dynamic data needed by the template can instead be passed in a dict to render_modal_workflow, as a keyword argument json_data; this data will then be available as the second parameter of the JavaScript function.

  • At the point where you call the ModalWorkflow constructor, add an onload option - a dictionary of functions to be called on loading each step of the workflow. Move the code from the .js template into this dictionary. Then, on the call to render_modal_workflow, rather than passing the .js template name (which should now be replaced by None), pass a step item in the json_data dictionary to indicate the onload function to be called.

Additionally, if your code calls loadResponseText as part of a jQuery AJAX callback, this should now be passed all three arguments from the callback (the response data, status string and XMLHttpRequest object).

Page.get_sitemap_urls() now accepts an optional request keyword argument

The Page.get_sitemap_urls() method used by the wagtail.contrib.sitemaps module has been updated to receive an optional request keyword argument. If you have overridden this method in your page models, you will need to update the method signature to accept this argument (and pass it on when calling super, if applicable).