Congratulations on completing Your first Wagtail site tutorial! Now that you’ve completed the beginner tutorial and built a blog site from scratch, you should have a solid understanding of the basic building blocks of a Wagtail website. We hope you enjoyed learning all about Wagtail.

Now that you can build a blog site with Wagtail, why stop there? We created this extended tutorial to help you grow your Wagtail knowledge.

In this tutorial, you’ll transform your blog site into a fully deployable portfolio site. You must first complete the Your First Wagtail Site tutorial before you begin this extended tutorial.

You’ll learn the following in this tutorial:

  • How to add pagination to your Wagtail website

  • How to use Wagtail StreamField

  • How to use Wagtail documents

  • How to use snippets across multiple web pages

  • How to use Wagtail forms

  • How to implement the search feature in a Wagtail website

  • How to deploy a Wagtail website

Now, let’s dive in.