Wagtail 3.0.1 release notes

June 16, 2022

What’s new

Other features

  • Add warning when WAGTAILADMIN_BASE_URL is not configured (Matt Westcott)

Bug fixes

  • Ensure TabbedInterface will not show a tab if no panels are visible due to permissions (Paarth Agarwal)

  • Specific snippets list language picker was not properly styled (Sage Abdullah)

  • Ensure the upgrade notification request for the latest release, which can be disabled via the WAGTAIL_ENABLE_UPDATE_CHECK sends the referrer origin with strict-origin-when-cross-origin (Karl Hobley)

  • Fix misaligned spinner icon on page action button (LB (Ben Johnston))

  • Ensure radio buttons / checkboxes display vertically under Django 4.0 (Matt Westcott)

  • Prevent failures when splitting blocks at the start or end of a block, or with highlighted text (Jacob Topp-Mugglestone)

  • Allow scheduled publishing to complete when the initial editor did not have publish permission (Matt Westcott)

  • Stop emails from breaking when WAGTAILADMIN_BASE_URL is absent due to the request object not being available (Matt Westcott)

  • Make try/except on sending email less broad so that legitimate template rendering errors are exposed (Matt Westcott)