Wagtail 6.2 release notes - IN DEVELOPMENT


What’s new

Other features

  • Optimize and consolidate redirects report view into the index view (Jake Howard, Dan Braghis)

  • Support a HOSTNAMES parameter on WAGTAILFRONTENDCACHE to define which hostnames a backend should respond to (Jake Howard, sponsored by Oxfam America)

  • Refactor redirects edit view to use the generic EditView and breadcrumbs (Rohit Sharma)

Bug fixes

  • Make WAGTAILIMAGES_CHOOSER_PAGE_SIZE setting functional again (Rohit Sharma)

  • Enable richtext template tag to convert lazy translation values (Benjamin Bach)

  • Ensure permission labels on group permissions page are translated where available (Matt Westcott)

  • Preserve whitespace in comment replies (Elhussein Almasri)

  • Address layout issues in the title cell of universal listings (Sage Abdullah)


  • Remove duplicate section on frontend caching proxies from performance page (Jake Howard)

  • Document restriction_type field on PageViewRestriction (Shlomo Markowitz)

  • Document Wagtail’s bug bounty policy (Jake Howard)


  • Use DjangoJSONEncoder instead of custom LazyStringEncoder to serialize Draftail config (Sage Abdullah)

  • Refactor image chooser pagination to check WAGTAILIMAGES_CHOOSER_PAGE_SIZE at runtime (Matt Westcott)

  • Exclude the client/scss directory in Tailwind content config to speed up CSS compilation (Sage Abdullah)

Upgrade considerations - changes affecting all projects

Specifying a dict of distribution IDs for CloudFront cache invalidation is deprecated

Previous versions allowed passing a dict for DISTRIBUTION_ID within the WAGTAILFRONTENDCACHE configuration for a CloudFront backend, to allow specifying different distribution IDs for different hostnames. This is now deprecated; instead, multiple distribution IDs should be defined as multiple backends, with a HOSTNAMES parameter to define the hostnames associated with each one. For example, a configuration such as:

    'cloudfront': {
        'BACKEND': 'wagtail.contrib.frontend_cache.backends.CloudfrontBackend',
        'DISTRIBUTION_ID': {
            'www.wagtail.org': 'your-distribution-id',
            'www.madewithwagtail.org': 'other-distribution-id',

should now be rewritten as:

    'mainsite': {
        'BACKEND': 'wagtail.contrib.frontend_cache.backends.CloudfrontBackend',
        'DISTRIBUTION_ID': 'your-distribution-id',
        'HOSTNAMES': ['www.wagtail.org'],
    'madewithwagtail': {
        'BACKEND': 'wagtail.contrib.frontend_cache.backends.CloudfrontBackend',
        'DISTRIBUTION_ID': 'other-distribution-id',
        'HOSTNAMES': ['www.madewithwagtail.org'],

Upgrade considerations - deprecation of old functionality

Upgrade considerations - changes affecting Wagtail customisations

Upgrade considerations - changes to undocumented internals