Wagtail 0.8.3 release notes

November 18, 2014

What’s new

Bug fixes

  • Added missing jQuery UI sprite files, causing collectstatic to throw errors (most reported on Heroku)

  • Page system check for on_delete actions of ForeignKeys was throwing false positives when page class descends from an abstract class (Alejandro Giacometti)

  • Page system check for on_delete actions of ForeignKeys now only raises warnings, not errors

  • Fixed a regression where form builder submissions containing a number field would fail with a JSON serialization error

  • Resizing an image with a focal point equal to the image size would result in a divide-by-zero error

  • Focal point indicator would sometimes be positioned incorrectly for small or thin images

  • Fix: Focal point chooser background color changed to grey to make working with transparent images easier

  • Elasticsearch configuration now supports specifying HTTP authentication parameters as part of the URL, and defaults to ports 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS) if port number not specified

  • Fixed a TypeError when previewing pages that use RoutablePageMixin

  • Rendering image with missing file in rich text no longer crashes the entire page

  • IOErrors thrown by underlying image libraries that are not reporting a missing image file are no longer caught

  • Fix: Minimum Pillow version bumped to 2.6.1 to work around a crash when using images with transparency

  • Fix: Images with transparency are now handled better when being used in feature detection

Upgrade considerations

Port number must be specified when running Elasticsearch on port 9200

In previous versions, an Elasticsearch connection URL in WAGTAILSEARCH_BACKENDS without an explicit port number (e.g. http://localhost/) would be treated as port 9200 (the Elasticsearch default) whereas the correct behavior would be to use the default http/https port of 80/443. This behavior has now been fixed, so sites running Elasticsearch on port 9200 must now specify this explicitly - e.g. http://localhost:9200. (Projects using the default settings, or the settings given in the Wagtail documentation, are unaffected.)